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DJAX Ventures Primary mission is centered on fostering innovation and empowering visionary founders who are poised to revolutionize the world of technology. We are deeply dedicated to our cause, offering extensive support and leveraging our exceptional resources to aid you on your entrepreneurial path

  • Scope : We are dedicated to driving innovation in the tech industry, providing a Launchpad for visionary founders with game-changing ideas and revolutionary products.

  • Investment Range : we invest in the growth and success of your venture, with a financial commitment that typically falls within the range of 3 cr to 4 cr.

  • Development Stage : Post Seed to Series A+ Our primary focus lies in start-ups that have already secured seed funding and are on the journey towards Pre-Series A and beyond.

  • A Diverse Focus : Our commitment to innovation knows no bounds. We are ready to support startups in all sectors of technology and innovation.