Affiliation with Kerala Medical Technology Consortium

Kerala Medical Technology Consortium (KMTC) stands as a prestigious institution nestled in the vibrant state of Kerala, India. Its reputation as a hub for cutting-edge medical technology and healthcare innovation draws a diverse community of professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurial minds. At the heart of its mission is the bold endeavor to redefine healthcare through technology, offering a collaborative platform for research, development, and the implementation of medical solutions that carry the promise of reshaping the healthcare landscape.

In our role as a partner of KMTC, we actively participate in a wide array of initiatives and projects that harmonize with our overarching mission of fostering innovation within the healthcare sector. This strategic partnership empowers us to harness the extensive network and expertise housed within KMTC, significantly enhancing our capacity to support medical technology startups and founders.

Affiliation with IDFC Bank :

We are proud to announce our affiliation with IDFC Bank, a leading financial institution known for its commitment to innovation and excellence. Our partnership is fortified by a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that reflects our shared vision and goals. This collaboration opens doors to exciting opportunities, allowing us to leverage our collective strengths for mutual growth and success. Together, we are poised to embark on a journey of innovation, financial solutions, and impactful ventures.